engagement space

Following a year of socially engaged creativity in care settings, ATTEND, by Catriona Meighan and Hector MacInnes, presented a series of workshops and talks, co-created work, and reflections on the meaning of their practice in this context.

As part of an ongoing residency with the Highland Culture Collective, Catriona and Hector spent 2021-22 working alongside communities particularly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic – women and children affected by domestic abuse, people living within the criminal justice system, and those affected by mental health issues. As well as offering a platform to some of the work these groups have made, ATTEND explored some of the common themes and tensions that have emerged, between giving voice and offering shelter, between amplification and quietness, between creatively leading and creatively being led.

Among the difficulties and negotiations of working in care settings, the simple act of attending offers itself as a single item to do list. To attend is to heed, to care for, and to notice something or someone, as well as to show up. It is to attempt, at least, to come to see the world as it is, and to meet people where they are at.

ATTEND featured a six channel generative audio piece, in which the physical movements of prisoners (captured during workshops) were sonified into the space. By picking up devices and moving with them, attendees interrupt the flow of the prisoners' movements, over-taking one or more while the move alongside the others.

The exhibition also featured presentations of The Shelter and Library Music by Pfft Ensemble, alongside co-created works that emerged from Catriona's residency work.


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