HECTOR MACINNES sound artist | musician | producer
Inner Architecture (2018 - National Library of Scotland)

"While the wisdom of man thinks it is working one thing, the wisdom of nature constrains it to work another, and quite a different and far better thing." Edwin Abbot

Inner Architecture was a response to the 1962 Pure Maths Exam, commissioned by the National Library of Scotland as part of their "Re-Sits" project, celebrating the digitisation of their exam archive.

Created in collaboration with singers from across the Isle of Skye, the piece is an exploration of the circular ruins of Dùn Beag - a stone age broch - as a site of maths, music and indeterminacy. Meeting within its walls over the course of 6 weeks, we played with distribution of harmony, chanting, binary counting and improvisation to see what might emerge from the questions in the exam.

You can see what else was created as part of the project, and find out more about the NLS exam archive here: digital.nls.uk/exams/re-sits/
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