iPad interface Example One
iPad interface Example Two
iPad interface Example Three

As part of my residency with the Highland Culture Collective, I have been working with inmates of HMP Inverness, students at Cantraybridge College, members of the public and other artists to co-design an iPad ensemble for improvisation using TouchOSC and MaxMSP. Using an iterative process, we have been testing a series of interface designs, sounds, and collaborative set-ups, making notes and suggestions for further adaptions and possibilities as we go from week to week.

Phase one of this project ended in April 2022, and focussed on working with arpeggiators and drum machines on the fly, as well as experimentation with the iPads' built-in accelerometers to work with tonal changes and physical movement. Improvisations from these sessions were released alongside four remixes as 'Library Music', an album named after the library in HMP Inverness where the project began.

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